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Hello guys, gals and non-binary pals.
I'm a web novelist going by the penname, Miimaas, and working to make a living by writing online fiction novels.

Many features on the site are still in development, but please have a look around and enjoy what's available!

|| Current Schedule ||

Sneaky : Updated Every Monday until completion. Upon completion, I will be taking 3 weeks off before posting my next story.


|| Author Bio ||

I started writing when I was 14 after discovering fanfiction, and realizing that I could build upon existing stories that inspired me and share my own ideas for them. That quickly grew into wanting to write my own stories completely and by the time I was 16, I realized writing was my dream job and I couldn't make myself stick to doing anything else.

Since I was already writing personal fanfictions for myself, I decided to publish my best one on the site that got me into writing fanfiction: Wattpad. My first story ever was a Walking Dead fanfic called 'Sneaky' and a year or two in, I decided I wanted to do this full time and give it a real shot. So to build and practice my skills until I was confident enough to share my original ideas, I continued Sneaky and seriously studied writing online; using my fanfiction to help me put into practice what I'd learned, and to this day I am still learning as I go.

I never expected Sneaky to be so long or have so many fans, so I decided to finish it while I get a head start on my first original. Sneaky has been a 4+ year long journey for me and I am proud to have started with it, but it's by no means going to be where I finish.
By 2021, I intend to have at least the first arc of my first original fully uploaded on the site.

Writing is my passion in life, sharing ideas and building upon others. The fascinating instrument that can take anyone, anywhere, with just a string of words, like a spell incantation.

Thanks for reading on my site, I hope you like it!

If you have any feedback, questions, or find something that doesn't work on the site, please go to the contact page in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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