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Status Update


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I've finally decided on which story to post first, and now it has become my focus.

It's hard to resist working on others; especially since I have a habit of splitting my attention between a handful of different things and making progress on all of them until they're all finished around the same time. But if I did that with my work then I would end up going long periods without posting anything at all and then just out of the blue a bunch of posts would drop all at once before radio silence again. lol
It's been a very stressful last two months for me. On top of work, I had a lot of personal stuff going on and just general day-to-day life getting in the way of my relaxation time. I've been scrambling to get things done in between the never-ending tide.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disheartened because nothing will make it easier except just getting things done, and the progress feels so slow that I've been overworking just to get it done faster. (It feels like I'm playing a really intense management game lmao) But once I start posting again, I hope things will calm down a little and I can get back into the swing of a regular schedule.

Hopefully, new things will stop getting added to my plate each time I finish something. 😅

All in all, we're on track and on schedule; If just barely lol.

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