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Status Update


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I'm srry that I've been a little inactive since finishing Sneaky.

Preparing my next releases has been a bit more stressful than I thought and is taking quite a bit longer.

However, rest assurred my vacation/"hiatus" (it wasn't really a hiatus) is long over and I've got several chapters finished that just need to be edited and I have started fine-tuning details like covers and summaries, etc.

Truthfully, the hardest challenge I've faced the last few weeks has been adapting & adjusting to a new schedule, because I'm so used to publishing once a week lol, but I've found that (for me, at least) making original content takes longer and is more stressful than fanfiction. So I've been trying to adjust to a new --more reasonable-- schedule to avoid the burnout that I faced with Sneaky, and my (untested) solution for the moment is to update every other week instead of weekly. To split the story into chunks/volumes if it's more than 30 chps, and every 6-8 months or 'as needed' I'll be taking short hiatuses to rest and prepare for the next part without the pressure of updating. Kind of like how webcomic artists often take a hiatus between their "seasons"; and yes, that is where I got the idea.

I've also been focusing on getting my website and my various donation sites in order before I start a new project because I won't have enough spare time to do them once I start publishing again; so getting that stuff out of the way has been a pain but worth it.

I've started to get really excited & anxious about my next story cause it feels weird to not publish for so long, and I'm eager to get it rolling. It's been hard to keep from impulsive-publishing before its ready. lol

The good news is, I'm almost done and am well on schedule; so very soon, my next story will be here. It'll drop for early-access patrons first, then on my website, and finally 3rd-party sites like Wattpad.

So again, I'm srry for kind of ghosting, and thank you guys for your patience. C u soon ✌
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