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Progress Update - SMYT


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Uhhh.........................I got stuck for awhile but it's finally moving again at a...decent pace I would say. I'm gonna drop another sneak peak soon and this week -- err next week, I plan to get the first few chapters all ready to go and figure out how to do the early chapter stuff for my patrons. Once I get that figured out, things will really get moving.

I plan on recruiting someone who is a little more skilled with photo manipulation than I am to help me make a new cover seeing as the one I made is a little old and not quite as good as I would like it to be. I still might end up using it for the time being but hopefully I'll be able to magic something I'm more satisfied with into existence. lol

So far I have a short but time consuming list of what needs to be done before it can be published, so right now I'm working on the aforementioned plus a summary and one or two other details.

All in all, writing is hard but I'm on schedule and looking forward to my short break between the end of an era (Sneaky) and a new beginning.

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