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Sneak Peak - SMYT


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The black slush squished and splashed in icy clumps under scuffed black boots, scattering over the deserted city street as a dark-clothed man jaywalked across the deserted night street.


The ice sloshed the last of red-brown tinged evidence off the lip of his shoes, cleansing them of all that’s left of someone who thought running from a mafia was a good idea.


The frigid winter air rolled chills up & down his spine, biting at any skin it could reach, which isn’t much more than his neck, ears, and the little places poking between fabric and hair but that didn’t stop it from trying to penetrate the thicker materials with a cold thin fog.


A satisfying pop broke the icy air as he cracked his neck, hot breath misting in eerie puffs through the black mask concealing most of his cold face from exactly no one at this hour.


His mood was a little bitter tonight. Killing people makes a mess and leaves a trail, so he doesn’t particularly like to do it, but he’s very good at it.

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